How to Put a Chain Back on a Bike with Gears

Although bicycles are a practical and environmentally beneficial means of transportation they sometimes face little difficulties such as chains falling off the gears.

You may quickly and easily get back on the road by following the instructions in this manual for reinstalling a chain on a bike with gears. How to put a chain back on a bike with gears step-by-step.

How to Put a Chain Back on a Bike with Gears (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Gather Your Tools

Tools Required Purpose
Chain breaker tool To facilitate the chain removal process.
Set of gloves To provide hand protection during the procedure.
Quick link (if applicable) To simplify chain reconnection if your chain has one.
Using these tools will make the procedure easier to control and smoother.


Assess the Situation

Analyze the first cause of the chain’s removal. It could result from shifting while under stress or from a gear that isn’t properly set. Recognizing the reason will help in future problem management.

Prepare the Bike

Set your bike’s gears to the smallest chainring and back gear and place it on a solid surface. The chain will become loose as a result, making it simpler for it to reconnect.

Engage the Rear Derailleur

To increase the chain slack, gently advance the rear gear. This will provide you with enough space to reposition the chain on the gears.

Thread the Chain onto the Gears

Start by attaching the chain to the front’s smallest chainring. Thread the chain onto the smallest rear cog slowly and carefully while pushing the bike forward with your hand.

Check for Proper Alignment

Bike chain Proper Alignment
Bike chain Proper Alignment

Make sure the chain is set up correctly on the front and back gears. It should rest without overlapping or skipping.

Tighten the Quick Link

If your chain has fast links, join the two ends of the chain by clicking the quick link into place. Make sure it is shut and closed securely.

Test the Gear Shifting

Make sure the chain can travel between them easily and smoothly by changing through all the gears before moving on.

Inspect the Overall Setup

Check the tension and alignment of the chain for a moment. The chain should move openly, and the gearbox should be in the correct location.

Ensure Smooth Rotation

Bike Chain Smooth Rotation
Bike Chain Smooth Rotation

Check sure the chain is moving smoothly and isn’t stopped or jammed at any point by manually rotating the pedals.

Maintenance Tips

Maintain your bike properly to avoid chain problems in the future. Check for any wear or damage, then clean and oil the chain on a regular basis.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Forcing the Chain: Avoid using too much force while reconnecting the chain since it could damage the parts.

Gear Skipping: To prevent gear skipping or incorrect shifting, make sure the chain is correctly attached.

Neglecting Maintenance: By performing routine maintenance, you may significantly decrease the likelihood that your chain will come off.


At first replacing a chain on a bike with gears can seem difficult, but with the correct equipment and information it’s possible.

You may maintain your bike going well and take pleasure in simple rides by according to these instructions and implementing security actions.


Q: Is it necessary to use a quick link?

Using a quick link can make the process easier and quicker, but it’s not always necessary. It depends on your chain type and personal preference.

Q: What if the chain keeps coming off frequently?

Ans: If your chain keeps coming off, there might be an underlying issue with your bike’s components. It’s advisable to have a professional mechanic inspect it.

Q: Can I put the chain on the gears without pedaling?

Ans: While pedaling the bike forward by hand can make the process smoother, you can also put the chain on the gears without pedaling, but it might require a bit more patience.

Q: Should I lubricate the chain after putting it back on?

Ans: Yes, it’s a good practice to apply some lubricant to the chain after putting it back on. This will ensure smooth movement and prevent rust.

Q: Can I use this guide for bikes without gears?

Ans: This guide is specifically tailored for bikes with gears. If you have a single-speed bike the process of putting the chain back on is generally simpler.

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